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Book Review- Aftermath by James Rickards

Jim is a terrific writer. He has this unique mellow style of writing where he provides substantial matter and data while making it feel like reading a story book. Aftermath, as the word suggests, is about the after events of the next financial crisis. Jim eloquently elaborates why it could not just be another financial crisis. The book presents social, political, geopolitical and personal implications of the coming disaster.

Aftermath is a successor to the series of fabulous books like Currency Wars. The Road to Ruin & The New Case For Gold. The reader gets an idea of how did the world get to the place it is ( Which is well covered in Jim's previous books). How continual policy interventions along with central banks' QEs built a nice palace of unsustainable debt, ready to stumble upon us any day. How flawed models caused the 2008 debacle and how they continue to rule our markets. How geopolitical issues and developments make countries take extraordinary measures. Jim puts a historical glass to everything he talks about, and he does so fabulously while talking about global debt economy & policy. Jim also has a cellar full of personal experiences and analogies which make great stories in the book. Him having worked with quite a few government agencies, the reader gets a deep understanding of how government organisations and institutions work, how governments work, how politics work and how all of that bakes into finance and markets.

Aftermath, while talking about a lot of interesting things aims to prepare investors and citizens for the the crisis. Jim's writings do not represent any particular school of economics neither do they represent a political isle. The book is full of rhyming history, science and wisdom.

Highly recommended and must read for investors and citizens, but with a suggestion to read all of Jim's previous books for a better grasp of things.


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